About Us


Darell K. Richardson is a Washington D.C. native and Morial N. Hayes is a Baltimore, Maryland native. They both met in the fall of 2004 in Miami, Florida while in college and quickly became great friends. Throughout the years, we've bounced ideas off of each other until an amazing idea came about, BLAIRE AIR.

Blaire Air was created with the chic, sexy, and sophisticated idea around having good smells in your place of comfort, be it, your home, office, or in the car. All of our air fresheners are created with quality materials to ensure that you're always breathing great aroma.



We take our time brainstorming ideas for the latest trends, so we frequently find inspiration out in the world and build a custom scent around the idea using hand-picked colors for an extra dose of inspiration. While researching, we generate a variety of possibilities and narrow down to the final pick. For every air freshener that is made, we intend to have fun with it as we love to see how our customers react. Getting creative is how we discover blends that are perfect and we use generous portions of premium fragrance oils.

We hand pick each scent and blend fragrances to create intriguing scents that are signature to Blaire Air. Then, new air fresheners are left to cure for several days before they are test burned for performance before moving an air freshener into production for sale. Because of this selection process, we work closely with fragrance suppliers who share the same passion for quality, ethical sourcing, and only use organic fragrances that have been tested to perform best in your home, refrigerator, closet, or vehicle.

Finally, an air freshener is cleared for production and each air freshener is hand-poured and allowed to cure for several days before packaging air fresheners for shipment to their new homes.